Bill to Change Veteran’s Hotline

On Wednesday, November 16th, the Senate made a final decision on a bill that would affect Veterans in need. The bill is now on its way to the white house to be looked at by the president. This bill would require that all messages and calls that are received by a crisis hotline need to be answered quickly.

The bill became necessary when a report found some troubling figures. Over 1/3 of all the calls that go into the hotline are ignored. These calls are going unanswered for poor reasons as well. Instead of being answered by the front-line staffers they are frequently pushed back. So instead these Veterans are receiving help from back up centers.

These back up centers have staff that is less trained and aren’t as properly equipped to handle the emergencies that some of these veterans might have.

This new bill would help veterans in need and provide them with better services. The hotlines would provide better quality and more reliable service to the men and women that call into them.