Brave War Horse from Korean War was Honored

A very special war horse was remembered on Wednesday, October 26th. The new bronze statue of Staff Sargent Reckless was unveiled in Camp Pendleton in California to commemorate the brave horse.

During her time in the military, Staff Sgt. Reckless experienced a lot. She was originally bought in Seoul for $250 and proved herself to be worth every penny. She was then trained to transport ammunition and wounded soldiers to and from the battle line.


The Little War Horse that Could

She was part of the Recoilless Rifle, Platoon, Anti-Tank Company, 5th Marine regiment, 1st Marine Division. Staff Sgt. Reckless served her men well. She made over 100 trips to the front lines to aid her human soldiers. She was trained and frequently walked over trip wire, avoided enemy fire, and transported large amounts of ammunition.

This horse lived a fuller life then some people did. Sgt. Reckless’ diet consisted of mainly beer, candy, and eggs. From her heroic actions in battle she earned herself multiple awards during her lifetime. By the time that she died in 1968 she had earned two purple hearts and a string of other medals.

This is the second statue that has been dedicated to this brave horse. The first one is in Quantico, Virginia at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. That one was dedicated in 2013.