Don’t Forget About Concrete

New technologies are popping up everywhere, everyday. Drones are being used to carry packages and to film things that would never have been possible before. Satellite images can bring a live action view of what is going on in the world to those that are monitoring them. The next question is what can be done to avoid some of these pesky new technologies. The answer is concrete.


The Military and Concrete

Concrete is being called the most effective modern weapon. Its low tech and is similar in use to the way that trenches were used during World War I. Soldiers that have been deployed to the middle east know of the vital importance that this simple technology can have on the battlefield.

In fact, concrete can be used to achieve multiple different goals that military members have. It can be used to protect soldiers and the people around them and provide them with a long-term stable environment. For example, the practice of using concrete began in Baghdad in order to protect highways that the military would regularly use. They began to make 12 foot high concrete walls around them to fortify them from bombing threats. This practice then moved to include smaller roads that would also be used.


Concrete and its Stability

Concrete slabs were brought into urban areas to recreate them into environments that the military could easily use. It allowed for more control over who had access to particular areas, the actual size and shape of them, and how easily they could be defended.

They could be used to clearly mark areas that had been cleared and provide safety in the area while others move to clear a new area. One of the best parts about using concrete is that it could easily be created and destroyed. This allowed for the military to easily make new boundaries when they were needed and remove them when they were no longer necessary.