Future of Air Warfare: F-35 Jets

After an extensive amount of time and money have gone into the project, two F-35 squadrons are finally considered operational. These planes are currently at the Marines’ air station in Yuma, Arizona but won’t remain there for long.

The F-35 jets are part of what is known as the “acquisition malpractice” project by Pentagon. They are known to be unstable with some of their technologies even though their drivers swear by their abilities.

These F-35 jets may the best planes in the world. They offer a wide variety of features that make them irreplaceable in a battle. These particular jets can land and take off vertically, making them extremely beneficial when landing on a battlefield. This isn’t the only thing that allows it to be successful within enemy territory though.

It also has a powerful computer system with state of the art sensors that monitor what is going on around it during a battle. It has a body that is built to be stealthy and is armed with missiles and bombs. Some military members claim that the small amount of munitions on board though could be detrimental during an aerial battle though. Nevertheless though these planes are great offensively, they can be effective with gathering information. In the future they could be used to inform other aircrafts and drones about where to attack and where to avoid.

The superb systems that are on the F-35 jets allow for it to attack and take out enemy intelligence and aircraft before they even know its there.


F-35 in Action

In a few years the two squadrons that are currently sitting in Arizona will soon make their way to the other side of the world. One group will be sent to Japan as soon as January of next year. The other group won’t be sent into the Middle East until 2018.

The military is still waiting for other F-35 jets to be finished though. This means that more money is being spent to lengthen the lives of other aircrafts while they are waiting for the new ones to come in. Hopefully the time and money will be worth it for the Air Force to be able to have these jets for its ranks.