Getting Oversea Voters’ Voices Heard

Person voting

Voters that are hoping to cast their vote from overseas are being warned this year. Over 30 states offer people who are overseas a way of voting for the next Commander in Chief, but the government is warning that these systems can easily be hacked.

Accusations of mass voter fraud, Russian involvement, and hacking could cause controversies as ballots are counted. While voting online has largely been disbanded within the United States it is still the main way that soldiers and people living overseas can have a say. Some states are saying that they will take any votes that come in, making sure that their voice will be heard. Others don’t want to take the risk.

These incoming votes can spell out a few troubles for the states that will be receiving them. Not only do these types of votes usually cost the system a large amount of money but they can be tampered with. They can contain malware and spyware. This can be used to change the actual votes during its journey to the United States. Or these programs can find their way onto government systems once they reach the homeland. It makes the election offices an easy target. The files must be opened to be read and from there the malware programs are free to do what they’re intended for.


Not the Only Way

This isn’t the only way for people that are overseas to have a voice. 45 days before the election, ballots are sent out to those that are residing overseas or serving. They can then send their completed ballots back completely filled out.

The need to get more people to participate in the election though has opened the door for online voting access. Nearly 120 million people in the United States are participating this year but more is always better.

The Pentagon has no formal say on what should happen in regards to a voting online system. They say that it is left up to the state and other local agencies to decide what is best. It is their responsibility for the security of the election according to these officials.

Some local governments are still hearing these American’s citizens votes as they exercise one of their most basic rights. They accept the responsibility and have measures in place that they are hoping will work against hacker’s plans.