Marine Corps including Nutrition and Fitness

The Marine Corps are known for their sleek, lean physiques. These are typically acquired through rigorous training and work outs that seem impossible to the average person. While these methods have proven to be successful over the years, the Marine Corps are starting to make a shift towards incorporating nutrition and fitness into its training.

A new force, a force of fitness instructors will be graduating from the Marine Corps Base in Quantico, Virginia on November 4th. They will be completing a five-week program and will emerge as noncommissioned officers. Their main job will be on advising commanding officers and troops on how to bring a complete level of fitness to the unit. This will include incorporating a balanced nutrition into their lives and how to prevent injuries from happening during a workout.


Shift towards overall Fitness

This change has been warranted as necessary as the Marine Corps begin to make changes for the first female Marines to begin to take infantry jobs. They have also completely done away with the original physical fitness and combat fitness tests that were used in the past. This opens up the door for a new shift towards overall fitness to take place.

These new force fitness instructors are also hoping to put a more positive note on physical fitness for the Marines. Typically, exercise is used as a punishment when a recruit does something that wasn’t desired of them. This helped to prepare them for what would be required. Unfortunately though it made exercise into a form of punishment. It is hoped that this will change and that physical exercise will become something that can be enjoyed.

These new fitness instructors will make it easier to promote all around fitness to these marine troops. While Marines consistently have lower levels of obesity then other sections in the military, the diet of these soldiers can still be poor. The military is hoping that these fitness instructors will be able to provide Marines with more knowledge. This includes how to eat to fuel your body for what it is doing rather then to just eat.