Military Changing the way they Recruit

Recently the military has decided that it needs to perform some updates on the way that it reaches out to people. It is hoping to expand where the military frequently visits when they are looking to recruit new servicemen. This is the last step in the “Force of the Future” initiative that Defense Secretary Ash Carter has implemented.

He says that its time to start finding new places and ways to bring new people into the military. This has come after military recruitment numbers are reportedly shrinking. The military is hoping that revamping the way that they advertise will help to draw more people in from more walks of life. The way that the military advertises will take a turn towards focusing on the values that are in a military life and the value of public service.

Carter is also expanding the audience that these messages will be aimed at. Military members will now be sent to schools, civic programs, and more areas like these in an attempt to reach out to more youth in America. For now most recruits come from rural areas, this initiative may reach out to even more teens.

Because of the changes that are being implemented, the way that the military reaches out to college students will also experience some changes. More scholarships will be offered for upper level students that are looking to join the ROTC programs at their school. There will also be more graduate school opportunities for those that are in ROTC, hopefully drawing even more student into the program.


Changes being made

Already changes have been made regarding an update to the promotion system within the military. Longer, paid maternity level is also offered now to expectant mothers that are in the military.

Other standards are coming under the microscope though. Policies that have restricted tattoos in the past will be changed. This will not only update this rule to the modern times but it will also be allowing more people who have been turned away in the past to enter into the military.

The military will also be making changes on how it does physical fitness screenings for potential recruits. The number of potential people that are interested in the military that are obese is on the rise. These numbers also reflect the obesity rates in the nation. The military is moving towards looking at physical fitness as something that can be improved, within limits of course.

Another issue that has recently be presented to the military are single parents. Since the military deploys its service members in the past there was the question about what to do with their children. These problems have been addressed and it opens the door for single parents to enter into the military.