No Fly Zones in Syria

Everyday hundreds of airstrikes are made over northern Syria in areas such as Aleppo. It seems that everyday more images of the horror that the civilians in these areas are experiencing is being spread through social media. In Aleppo in particular, over 100,000 children don’t have proper access to medicine and food.

Everywhere in the region though people are losing access to medical supplies and facilities because of the constant bombardment that they are experiencing. This has caused places like Turkey and people in America to ask for the U.S and other nations to create a no-fly zone.


The Problem with Turkey’s Request

While Turkey has called for this no fly zone to occur, they are sending in troops that are fighting against the forces that are backed by the U.S.. This makes the situation more complicated.

The Syrian Kurdish forces that the United States is backing are known to fight ISIS. Trump has yet to declare how he will address these problems in the future. No matter what decision is made though it could drastically change the way that fighting is done in the region.