Russian Message to the US

Everyday brings something new to what is happening in Syria. The United States has urged other countries not to support or offer access to Russian tankers or aircrafts. Because of this the US has received a Russian Message. We have been told to not ‘get in the way’.

Russian Message

Russia has said that through their airstrikes and bombardment they have accomplished more than the United States has. On top of this, they are saying that the US is hampering efforts to fight ISIS by telling other countries to refuse access to Russian military.

The reason for closing ports and areas off to the Russians is to prevent them from carrying out future airstrikes on Syria. These airstrikes typically cause more harm to civilians than anything else. The images have been seen all over the world. Medical resources in the region are also becoming more scarce as the bombardment continues.

Russia defends these measures and says that the airstrikes have been more effective then the way the US has been contributing. They go on to say that if the US doesn’t want to fight ISIS then it shouldn’t get in the way of their means to do so.