Sailors Data was Hacked!

News was just released that over 130,000 sailor’s personal information was stolen from a laptop back in October. This means that names and social security numbers were hacked by an unknown force. While this information is extremely dangerous in someone’s hands, nothing negative has happened so far.


Sailors data hacked

The Navy is beginning an investigation into who could have stolen the information from the contractor’s laptop. They are hoping to identify who did it and prevent anything negative from happening from them attaining the information.

The sailors data that was affected were those that were in the Career Waypoints database as they were re-enlisting. The people who were affected will be notified soon and their information will be monitored.

This isn’t the first time that sailors data has ever been hacked. In 2013 data was hacked by the Chinese and was available to them for nearly a year. They had successfully gotten through to the Office of Personnel Management’s computer systems and had access to data that was being submitted by troops and workers.

In the age of technology it is hard to know when and where our information is safe. As more hacks occur, the next step is to boost cyber security and work towards having improved systems to protect our soldiers and military members.