Service Dogs and other Alternatives to PTSD Therapy

A new documentary helps to address the multiple other forms of treating PTSD. It helps to explore other methods of treating the disorder than through the use of medication. For example, it discusses the use of therapy dogs, equine therapy and fishing.

It also discusses how taking up new hobbies such as surfing or gardening could be beneficial.

This new film was made by Mountain Time Media. It is entitled “Acronym: The Cross-Generational Battle with PTSD”.


Service Dogs

Therapy and service dogs are becoming more popular. They can be used to help a variety of people and those with PTSD are some of them. Veterans, friends, and family members swear by the way that these dogs can reach out and help those that are affected.

They help to provide support for the day-to-day life that people need to begin to enter back into after their service. Service dogs are trained to provide a strong and emotional support to their person. This can lead to increased confidence and can pull people out of their heads.

They also prevent those that are suffering from becoming isolated. This happens often for those that are suffering from PTSD. It can make the disorder worse for those who are suffering from it and can lead to other symptoms.

There are numerous agencies that you can go through if you are looking to get a service dog. Some of these dogs are rescued just like their people are and are trained and given another chance at life. Perhaps this helps to further the bonding that occurs between service dog and handler.