Trump’s National Security Adviser

Yesterday on November 17th, Trump finally offered up the role of national security adviser to someone. He offered it to the former military intelligence chief Michael Flynn. This isn’t so surprising as Flynn has been offering Trump advise on national security for the past few months.


Flynn for National Security Adviser

While Flynn has been working closely with Trump, it is still unknown if he has accepted the new title. After retiring in 2014, Flynn has avidly disagreed with the way that Obama has been running the White House and the Pentagon. He has become known as being straightforward and an excellent intelligence professional.

He also seems to agree with Trump as far as relations with Russia go. This has worried others experts in national security. Especially after he made a trip to Moscow last year to participate in an event with a Russian television channel.


New Foreign Policy

With the new president changes are sure to be made in regards with foreign policy. While Trump has said that he wants to improve relations with Russia, he is being urged to keep them at the level that they are at now.

Everything that he is doing is being watched by people around the globe. Its no surprise that Trump was being closely watched for his first meeting with a foreign leader. After meeting with Shinzo Abe, from Japan, some confidence may have been restored in Trump’s foreign abilities. Abe has said that the meeting went well while Trump hasn’t offered any comment.

Since becoming the president elect, Trump has met with almost 36 world leaders. Most of these leaders have expressed acceptance and the possibility of a hopeful future.