Vladimir Putin on Russian Borders

This past week at a ceremony at a school in Russia Vladimir Putin made a startling ‘joke’ to one of the students. He said that the Russian borders “do not end anywhere”.


Russian Borders are Not a Joke

This comment that Putin has said was simply a joke isn’t being taken lightly. In Europe tensions are already high towards the relationship that they have with the Russian leader. This is especially true now that he has moved missiles that are nuclear capable closer to the Russian borders of Europe. But they aren’t the only ones that are thinking about this comment.

Putin said this after a student said the borders end at the Baltic Sea. It is believed that Putin could be trying to undermine the borders in the region. Right now the United States and other NATO allies hold the Baltic region due to an air and maritime advantage.
Putin could very easily begin to invade the Baltic states and create new challenges for not only these countries but also for the new President elect in the United States, Donald Trump. It could also affect who will be appointed as the secretary of defense as things in the region escalate.